Design Story

Hoover React – Exploring A New Format To Clean

There are tones of upright vac in the market, our client HOOVER is one of the expert in this category and asked us to do a design exploration balancing marketing and technical constraint and of course delivering a even better user experience.

The very first thing we do is not jumping into the design but looking into a possible product architecture and format which is technically feasible and not violating any patent in this very matured market.

Of course we enjoy sketching ourselves, we start to look at possible form-factor and design intent base on what the product proposition should be and the image of the brand is conveying & delivering to their audience. Hoover is about “GENERATION FUTURE”

We started to put things together in a more precise 3D Sketch, and a mood board to align with our client how are we approaching the product look & feel in the same time.

With an agreed placement/ product architecture we started to look at variation of design treatment, looking at the bandwidth of design alternative which will fit in the proposition we agreed.

We love doing mock-up, a model will help us understand product volume and ergonomic so much better before we digging too deep into this

Getting closer towards the end of the product development, more challenge it is. Every single details have to be carefully thought through plus you always have to get a balance between aesthetically right and cost efficient solution. That’s why we need to think ahead to see how could the parts being split and manufacture also a variation of CMF approach to allow the product fit in different geographic perfectly.

Seeing the product launch in the market is what we enjoy. And we always happy to see a new product experience making consumers’ life easier. What would make it more exciting is how the product help our client gaining market-share or leading the next trend in the segment. This HOOVER React Stick Vacuum Cleaner definitely achieved everything above.