Design Story

Philips Pro-Blend

Both of our founder Alvin & Wing have been worked long in Philips Design before they found OOSH in 2009. They truly understand what is the meaning of simplicity and how would that transform into a business success.

We are invited to join the workshop in Shanghai prior developing the new design for this blender project. It is always exciting to explore direction with different stakeholder together. You can got insight from many different perspective and sometime it will hit your blind spot too.

We gathered all the result have been discussed and back in office for a more precise study with some 3D sketch. To craft a design aesthetically right with minimal surface treatment, we must get the silhouette , profile and proportion in place to make this happen.

As always we love to use model to verify concept proportion and ergonomic, it is old school but effective to help us quickly understand problems and refine to the final design.

In the same time we start looking at variation of interface and different scale and features to complete a family looking design. Every small detail is important to make a design right in place with the best usability there.

It is great to create a fantastic product. But always even better when we help our client to plan a development road-map and created a new family of products. Here are the “Philps Pro-Blend series”.