Design Story

RSR – Bluetooth Speaker

It is not a new invention to design a Bluetooth speaker, but definitely a challenge to create interest in such a matured product with limited space you can twist. Our client RSR is one of the key manufacturer of most of the top tier audio entertainment brand in the industry.

We have been a long term partnership since our studio was found in 2009. This time they have asked us to think of a cost efficient but unique approach design solution. This is always challenge if there are no extra money in your pocket to spend on something different. But we are always happy to tackle problems.

We have gathered lots of competitors products to tear-down and trying to explore where can we leverage some cost in the design. Creating theme board to align with RSR what will be the best look and feel for this product and then we address the need for dedicated persona

We taken away all the unnecessary , remaining the core features which is needed to keep a intuitive user experience. Suggest to invest the budget on CMF which definitely create most significant differentiation between our competitors in the same segment. And starting to steer our concept towards this direction.

We never leave our client alone, when there is a problem on manufacturing , we always step forward to help getting our design in place and set for production.

We have picked a vibrant color as the main color for the product to highlight all the surface treatment we crafted. A unique design with cost efficient investment but creating biggest differentiation with anybody in the market.