Design Story

RYOBI – 36V Mower

Mowing your backyard is never the most enjoyable thing you want to do it in your weekend, we are invited by TTI – RYOBI to take this opportunity to explore a more pleasant experience for this heavy lifting job.

And one of the biggest challenge is to extend existing family look and feel from the power tools/ hardware into this lawn & gardening product, to make sure they could launch like a family in the same time.

To have the project running effective in a tight time frame we jump into CAD design in a very early stage after quickly aligned design intent with a sketch proposed. We understand we must have all the internal in place for a concrete design direction to move on and avoid back and forth communication to buy time look at more design feature improvement.

On such a large scale but limited time project, we always want to have prototype as much as possible to verify design intent and ergonomic. Then we could base on the result and refine the design for production.

Finally we helped our client to launch the product on time, plus adding several design feature leading the market trend until today, such as easy height adjustment, alternative gripping handle. Engaging a better user experience through what we observe through the whole development phase.